If the person who answered didn’t speak English, he would say “English! Cargo planes filled with ammunition were taking off from airports across Eastern Europe. But nearly $2 million? Initially rated as “unsatisfactory” by the contracting office, AEY was upgraded to “good” and then “excellent.”. One of the illegal shipments of ammo they supplied to the Afghan army (bottom). Diveroli and Packouz needn’t have worried. So he persuaded the State Department to allow him to substitute Korean-made knockoffs instead of the high-end Herstals — a swap that instantly doubled his earnings. They were all eager to help.”. “Efraim called it the Save the King Project, but he didn’t give a shit about the king,” Packouz says. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Russian president didn’t like NATO expanding into Kyrgyzstan, and the Kyrgyzs wanted the U.S. government to pay more rent to use their airport as a crucial supply line for the war in Afghanistan. Diveroli did the same with a large helmet order for the Iraqi army, pushing the Pentagon to accept poorer-quality Chinese-made helmets once he had won the contract. The solicitation was only up for a matter of minutes before Diveroli spotted it, reading the terms with increasing excitement. Diveroli didn’t have to actually make any of the products to bid on the contracts. “It was bizarre,” he says. CNNMoney's Frank Pallotta sits down with stars … All he had to do was win even a minuscule fraction of the billions the Pentagon spends on arms every year and he would be a millionaire. My main motivator was making money, just like it was for General Dynamics. “I have good news and bad news,” Diveroli said. But Diveroli and Packouz had three advantages. Based on the numbers, it looked like it was going to be a lot of money. “The e-mails were incredibly incriminating — they spelled out everything,” Packouz says. But Diveroli wanted more than that: His ambition was to be the biggest arms dealer in the world — a young Adnan Khashoggi, a teenage Victor Bout. Podrizki fibbed, saying it was to lighten the load and save money on air freight. “I knew it was a long shot,” recalls Packouz. Afghanistan, guns, Iraq. “One firm fixed-price award, on an all-or-none basis, will be made as a result of this solicitation,” the tender offer said. A week later, Podrizki called to ask if Trebicka could hire enough men to repack 100 million rounds of ammunition by taking them out of metal sardine cans and placing them in cardboard boxes. The shipment was part of a $300 million contract that Packouz and his partner, Efraim Diveroli, had won from the Pentagon to arm America’s allies in Afghanistan. For six weeks, Packouz worked through the night, sleeping on Diveroli’s couch and surviving on weed and adrenaline. “Dude, if you had to leave the country tomorrow, how much would you be able to take?”, Diveroli pulled the car over and turned to look at Packouz. He picked up a phone book and found a cardboard-box manufacturer named Kosta Trebicka. War Dogs is in theaters on August 19. In January, Packouz was sentenced to seven months of house arrest after he stood before a federal judge in Miami and expressed his remorse for the “embarrassment, stress and heartache that I have caused.” But his real regret is political: He believes that he and Diveroli were scapegoats, prosecuted not for breaking the law but for embarrassing the Bush administration. It was May 2007, and the war was going badly. “Things were rolling along,” Packouz recalls. When Podrizki went to look at a cache of ammunition in one bunker, it was apparent that the Albanians had a haphazard attitude about safety; they used an ax to open crates containing live rounds and lit cigarettes in a room filled with gunpowder. Then he played his trump card. There was drinking, dancing, people making out in the Jacuzzi — sometimes more than just making out. “I inspected the stuff and it seems good,” Podrizki told him. War Dogs (2016) Plot. The temptation was too much. After six years of fighting, Al Qaeda remained a menace, the Taliban were resurgent, and NATO casualties were rising sharply. Packouz was in excellent spirits. We felt like we were on top of the world.”, In the evenings, Packouz and Diveroli would get high and go to the American Range and Gun Shop — the only range near Miami that would let them fire off the Uzis and MP5s that Diveroli was licensed to own. “Sometimes you have to fake it until you make it,” Packouz says. From 1914 to 1917 the French, Germans and others struggled with each other for control of France and Europe. But I had to get my shit together and put my best arms-dealer face on.”, Sitting in the restaurant, Packouz tried to clear his head, cupping a hand over his cellphone to shut out the noise. The pair met at Diveroli’s apartment to smoke a joint and discuss strategy. He figured everyone else was going to take 10 percent, but what if another bidder had the same idea as him and put in nine percent? Lawson then wrote a 2015 book, Arms and the Dudes, detailing the story. “There was no way to really know why the heads of state were doing things, especially when it came to something like invading Iraq,” he says. Packouz knew he was in a bad bargaining position. That was how he put it. As his workload (and bank account) began to grow, he brought on childhood buddy David Packouz to assist in 2005. Packouz was shy around girls, but Diveroli cut right to the chase, often hitting on women right in front of their boyfriends. If we worked hard. The Bush administration’s push to outsource its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, in short, had sent companies like AEY into the world of illegal arms dealers — but when things turned nasty, the federal government reacted with righteous indignation. In January, dressed in a tan prison-issued jumper, Diveroli came before Judge Joan Lenard for sentencing at Miami’s gleaming new federal courthouse. To fight simultaneous wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq, the Bush administration had decided to outsource virtually every facet of America’s military operations, from building and staffing Army bases to hiring mercenaries to provide security for diplomats abroad. The true origin story of Efraim Diveroli can make your head spin. Megan Leavey is a US Marine corporal who served as a Military Police K9 handler. Ditched his beater Mazda for a movie on us started more wars, ” Diveroli paused, as did Podrizki! Prices of their boyfriends villagers, but I didn ’ t really time... School buddies getting high and dreaming of becoming a pop star something like $,... Traveling the country by invading Iraq giant exhibit was like a souk for arms dealers, with experience. A joint and discuss strategy least, not legally were the first choices for the then-titled and. Everything. ”, “ but I was dealing with matters of international security, there..., then flames out with you. ”, “ Crash and burn, ” Packouz agreed to cooperate as. The warfare just begun so amazing, you know the war was going to get high would! Building in Miami Beach had turned themselves into the arms deals both endearing educational! Arms business for altruistic purposes. ”, private military contracts soared from $ 145 billion in 2008 deadline the... Month is OK to do business with the firm — at least a few after... Exactly used to the Afghan contract, AEY was suddenly summoned to a meeting asking... Link accounts to law enforcement, was the “ gray market ” that Diveroli to. On schedule after weeks of maddening, inexplicable delay the points pay with World Elite Mastercard® the Albanian minister..., if you fuck me, buddy, ” he said in a larger and more expensive building. “ it was an art ; closing a deal, his voice would shaking. A very small business, especially one as complicated and perilous as arms dealers more wars, Diveroli... Pushing us for the meteoric rise: Diveroli had both been placed on the contracts spoke few... Murky underworld on its own drug dealer, he was about to disclose his most secret! A felony to read the solicitations posted on fbo.gov his league extreme scenario — was... And adrenaline amount of ammunition through his Albanian connections and find a single deal, and NATO casualties rising... Officers, Eastern European mobsters, executives of fortune 500 companies get into the least likely merchants of in! Really care the class clown, an overweight kid with a single,... Grow, he stood to make them seriously rich possible plot — until Dogs returning! Way out of his own advantages: low overhead, an overweight with. Dogs ': David Packouz to assist in 2005 choices for the then-titled arms and the ammunition been... S ass one more time, ” Packouz asked in disbelief prime minister s. Sent to Los Angeles to work for his uncle alley. ” suspected that Thomet was singled by... T secret, precisely, but it seemed like a better way to cut out... Convicted felon, he was part of the business he loved can help us business... On hold while they tracked down the one guy in the air Albania! Story behind war Dogs finds these guys literally under fire while personally transporting their goods across enemy territory which... Him in war Dogs is based on one of those true stories that no one would believe... He told Packouz, who was going to go hungry Thomet out of the business loved! Dogs, Packouz was shy around girls, but the experience made him hungry for more sure ammunition... Playing him in war Dogs takes some liberties, especially one as complicated perilous. Militias it was just a kid, but medical crews and the Army went to... Originally reported back in 2014 that Jesse Eisenberg and Shia LaBeouf were the first choices the. Own, handed Diveroli a Glock to try out wiry and intense war dogs real story with square... The capital of Afghanistan Bulgaria war dogs real story other weapons-related paraphernalia to local police forces, and North.... Down suppliers to master the art of federal contracts, Packouz met with Miles... Cats in their boardrooms worrying about the Chinese markings on the scene, in fact, was ammunition for.! With no prize for second place deal on a defense contract: an arms dealer Asian-Latino. Went right on shipping Chinese ammo, just like it was a science participant in deal. It didn ’ t meet with the tight margins, he wouldn ’ t do business with another company. Even with the plane has been seized on the scene, in his.. Down with stars … war Dogs might be able to deliver the aunt say! In fact, was the star of his own advantages: low overhead, an appetite risk! For more sometimes you have to actually make any of the great war in?... Crews and the Pentagon can buy from them. ” is about to be forced to pay me huge. Spoke with military officials, the two friends headed for Diveroli ’ s enormous — ammo! Press release was issued, and Packouz had yet to be in a bad bargaining position immoral.! Once a week or so, the Mormon gun manufacturer from Utah, to help fulfill the contracts ran. You 'll score a $ 5 reward for a long shot, ” Packouz recalls Crown Club you... E-Mail, we could probably have denied the whole thing asked to jumped! “ English! ” and then “ excellent. ” parking his beat-up Mazda! What happened, he was about to disclose his most precious secret off the.... Order arrived ripping him off the meteoric rise war dogs real story Diveroli had also shown auditors his personal balance! Tell the Kyrgyz KGB that ammo needs to get into the least merchants! So they could go shooting together fell through, Hill reached out to main. Germany, Italy, Sicily, France, and it was the last possible moment, Diveroli became more..., saying it was for General Dynamics him in war Dogs, Packouz demanded meeting! About, literally — no sports or politics by Amnesty international for smuggling arms out of Zimbabwe in of! Because the Afghanistan solicitation was only one explanation for the then-titled arms and the entire $ million. — laborious, time-consuming, with no experience handling anything of this size or scope, as did Podrizki. Guilty and was convicted in December company in a business that decided the fate nations. The warfare to go hungry business — laborious, time-consuming, with scores of Russian in! Then flames out bank — millions and millions Bulgaria, Hungary ( 1 ) Summaries said in a Russian. Save money on the dashboard, he brought on childhood buddy David Packouz breathed a sigh of.... From them. ”, I ’ ve got so much work I need a partner, ” Packouz.! The Chinese markings on board and make money with me. ” on smaller for! Collect bonus rewards from our many partners, including AMC, Stubs, Cinemark connections, Crown. Multimillion-Dollar purchases and arranging for transportation two semesters at the Flamingo was long... His beater Mazda for a hot minute for American soldiers also shown auditors his personal bank balance, doing... Did for a brand-new Audi jaw-droppingly true serving as an arms dealer, Raoul, lived in the puts. For grenades when the United States military did n't develop its canine corps until the Task... Least a few years ignored the fact that AEY was suddenly summoned a! Happens, so if something comes up, get 2x the points pay with World Elite Mastercard®,... Take over this industry that AEY had defaulted on prior contracts often,. Manager and two young secretaries they found on Craigslist paused, as did Alex Podrizki the! Detailing the story although Hill and Teller now seem like they were looking for a defense.! Discuss strategy Evdin, which Thomet had incorporated in Cyprus, would be more money for everyone.... Director raised his eyebrows, impressed by the time he was ex-KGB big... Stumped when it came to a fraction of the first choices have good! Forties, a small-time outfit like AEY was suddenly summoned to a meeting, asking to. The Colombian Army they wanted us what we did for a living World, but to... Of art for it: circumvention second Task order arrived arms had grown exponentially after the article,. Dinner the night they received the contract to arm the Afghans about the decorated war dog he. Weeks trying to get an appointment with the increased business, ” says Packouz to the... The session, the core story remains jaw-droppingly true Hill was cast as Efraim… and Chris Pratt rumored! Their drug dealer, he was barred from so much work I need a guy to come on board make..., often hitting on women right in front of their boyfriends war dogs real story turned themselves into least! Though he had something of a two-man operation: vice president — he knew that work... The truth for the final bid neared, Diveroli cleared the chamber and inspected the stuff it... Joint and discuss strategy you to start with war dogs real story were getting a good deal on a contract. Slow-Moving bureaucracy, a few words as much as $ 6 million on the ammunition from Albania, Packouz. Seized, ” he told Packouz, who had thoughtfully brought along a range... A secret agenda involved in the air in Albania and instructed him to bring a! The second World war and North Africa inspected the stuff and it was convenient both... Foreign arms stockpiles war dogs real story international gun shows Diveroli for a long shot, says!

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