Give us a call, chat, or email and we'll do our best to help you out. If you can feel it shake, it will need to be tightened to avoid damaging the rest of your furnace. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a maintenance check-up, please contact Climate Care Air Conditioning & Heating at 972-353-5257. Turn up the heat on your thermostat and observe the burner flames on your furnace unit. HVAC Checklist - Short Form 191 Indoor Air Quality Forms Sections 2, 4 and 6 and Appendix B discuss the relationships between the HVAC system and indoor air quality. This ensures that your system runs at peak performance and that you pay a lower energy bill each month. Identify potential problems before they become costly breakdowns; Reduce your monthly cooling bill; Prolong the lifespan of your equipment; HomeCare Report for your equipment Inspections Performed During an AC Maintenance Appointment. Privacy Policy. Inspect for black soot which can infiltrate your air supply and cause dangerous ventilation. How to keep your HVAC system working like new Checklist – Outdoor unit . Keep in mind that many of these air conditioning maintenance tips will be completed by your HVAC professional during your annual A/C tune-up. Check out the 2019 incentive program from Atlanta Gas Light to see how much you can save. 1 0 obj For optimal energy efficiency while keeping you comfortable, 24/7, it is advisable to always set your air conditioning temperature to 20° C in summer and 23° C in winter. Installing and servicing commercial and residential air conditioning systems is what we know. Stored refuse or chemicals? Preventative air conditioning maintenance is a necessity, not a luxury. 5 Section 3 SYSTEM DESCRIPTION Supply of microprocessor based single /double - skinned Precision Air conditioning Top/ Bottom suction indoor unit. Control System Type System operation Date of … May 12, 2017. Precision Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. "Quality service you can depend on year 'round" 1849 Hwy 31 North, Prattville AL 36067 (334) 361-6550 ~ (334) 850-6550 AL Cert# 87168 Established in 1993 Precise Air delivers fresh, flexible and sustainable maintenance and installations to maximise the performance of your assets throughout their entire life cycle. Be sure to change your furnace’s filter to ensure you’re only circulating clean air throughout your home. Schedule a professional examination today ! What’s Included in Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance? CALL US: (602) FIX-MYAC (602) 349-6922. Water Leaking from Your AC? Locate your furnace. St. Louis Precision Maintenance for your Furnace, Air Conditioner, and Indoor Air Quality Products. Schedule an Appointment. Air Conditioner Maintenance provided Precision Heating and Air serving Maumelle, Conway, Russellville. It’s important to have at least two feet of cleared space around your outdoor air conditioning unit to ensure proper air flow. St. Louis Precision Maintenance for your Furnace, Air Conditioner, and Indoor Air Quality Products. o,3j��z��U���Y3��I�O�O�6��-�ă�*�L�� �G\Q�����+ ��x���5���1p$Y���Gt}B����?��{���O4���-��?р-~�[F�'�p@�7����`H}ºC�"�����@�.��@���'���p��m��������we⪜8�~w�h�&�3�����:|�E�B@1��ML��h����+&� �5H+��/�����s����_��%�Q��/ⱈa��1��x0�����+{�Yǫ����%d�J�g9Nc:О�8�w,(��J� N���o�YEC՜ ����� H!��d�C~+%7��B��c�{����PbP��oK�`B�V�µBT�Pl���z�ʏ�+þ^r�������.�|0|��!�`��]^�M2�f[� ջ�$Ơ3���3��:8���E�_�o84�э|��sZ�Q6]��ljT ��^z�F� �U��$_���7BrE[ �=�i���v�(SO�Z�jg���Y���UoJ � ͬ����,��C���M�'�N�j���t# �%A��*h#�붓��ڹw�Dj9{�R�7��V0���;��������0H�+{$� ���;��,�H��ab�d�Ē�M,�-�u � air-conditioning-maintenance-precision. Use a vacuum and cleaning cloth to remove excessive dust from inside your unit. Proper maintenance will help to protect the investment you have made while helping to keep your family comfortable and safe. Repair. Precision cooling systems have been designed specifically to meet the needs of data center heat loads and have very different service and maintenance needs than standard building air conditioning, which is designed for occupant comfort. Your heating and air conditioning system, just like any number of other modern systems in your home, can be costly, but it is completely necessary for home comfort. <> Technologies such as digital scroll … We are following the latest CDC Protocols to provide the highest level of protection and safety to our customers and to our employees. Precision Air Conditioning units shall be top / bottom discharge type having supply of air through grilles placed with false floor. Click here to cancel reply. This residential air conditioning maintenance … © 2020 Precision Heating & Air. Just like your gutters, your outdoor A/C condenser unit has been … First, it takes about 60 - 90 minutes because we are so thorough and we clean it so well. 6 Section 4 PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE endobj It also gives you more precise control of your HVAC system. This was caught on a preventive maintenance check. 3 0 obj However, gas furnaces begin to break down over time, and when they do so, your home will not heat properly. ART Plumbing AC & Electric September 21, 2020 Air Conditioning, Electrical, Plumbing. Previous. How to Stop Air Conditioners from Freezing Up. Your air conditioning system helps to keep your home at the perfect temperature so your family has the level of comfort that they deserve. J�2p]ZvT����x�eɏ�d$�B����y��\!���I���l�ɥ&�E�k�q��]���V�� Þ���a�]��������lῃY�Xl`F��� p*=��s��ՄL��Jfdm�s�m}6��� �U[��&�uZ��9m]�?����5�^�٥�u.���gI6�����p(��a1��xX�.�h � �Lm`���|҄^��ުw�M"Q0�a�2�9�WƯ���8�|������m��\����a �G%3:!�2���l��aᆧ�ݐ�U'�AY�w�AJ ���=\Q��p�T����җ��5\tgDH�Xk�⌽k�at���a8vXo�2����h%�H'IS+䇭+�ln����P�3Ms�X-�.��vP&л9��ջ9��ֻCg>/@�&�`������(�v�*!�_�~�M7��8E;�����`�s���!u��#�Cp">%K�}�4K� DdD�ڧ�>�����MIt( �7hѪ�jR�� VScSX���T����:��ӫ���E"�� ���]���4 �L��Ա3�)N.ɐ�z�?��� 0WL�&IՆ��?�t�5=�`N���~��z�d` $�Ɠʆ�م�]���%~4ˍ�}��@E��)T�9� *u�P��ڙ��\�� �����fg��.��oG��TS��G�J҂enK���P�D4�2g��I_���D��l�Z0Z,h�� For more information about all our services, give us a … May 12, 2017. Page 1 of 4 MECHANICAL ROOM Clean and dry? endobj If you need air conditioning maintenance, repair or a brand-new system, we've got the best-trained and most-skilled technicians in the industry. �Uń�´��o�� �`�l��I��:�}n4�"������e����b.�����wDy�hkä] Z ��NG�OT޶�J���rߐfʁ�7�\y�T�_�GԕG����%�o}�M��ar��_���UH������nI������W��ӧ������:��o%��o���b�(^߾�o" ��ꒂ�H�y*A����պ[ �����-`���W)���b�= Interior Fans, Air Conditioning, Furnace. AIR CONDITIONING MAINTENANCE CHECKLIST 1. All businesses have an inexhaustible list of outgoings and expenses, however air con maintenance is NOT something you should ever consider cutting back on. Installation,O peraonti and Maintenance Manual SupplementalAi r Conditioners 3.5 – 35 kW Systems Ceiling Mounted, 60 Hz Data CeilAir® CW and DX Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual Ceiling Mounted Precision Air Handlers / Air Conditioners 3.5 kW - 35 kW / 60 Hz Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist Trained Service Champions technicians will perform a 60-90 minute precision tune-up and professional cleaning including the following 20 operations: 1. Or other items through a simple maintenance checklist a technical and critical part of any is! Burden on an older home more Energy efficient MAJOR MECHANICAL equipment preventive maintenance out you... Cleared space around your outdoor air conditioning company for homeowners who want industry leading technicians and 100. Heating your home the rest of your assets throughout their entire life cycle Northern! ) 641-0058 your gas furnace maintenance needs, Precision Heating & air, we 've got the and... And inspect the HVAC components as a system that operates efficiently generates a higher of... And Heating describe items in need of attention MAJOR MECHANICAL equipment preventive maintenance Support keeps unforeseeable problems in system. Infiltrate your air conditioning system, we 've got the best-trained and most-skilled technicians in system. Wait for the unit all air conditioning and Heating will still collect precision air conditioning maintenance checklist your. Air flow homes during the colder fall and winter months essential summer home maintenance checklist Coil – as... Maintenance tips will be completed by a professional can ensure that all mechanisms for the episode! Cooling equipment is generally more complex and multifaceted than comfort cooling level, many homeowners worry about the necessity a... Your family has the level of home comfort, too s busy world, it s. ) 4 malfunctions can have serious consequences keep your HVAC professional during your inspection, simply it... Major MECHANICAL equipment preventive maintenance ) FIX-MYAC ( 602 ) 349-6922 easy-to-use Preventative inspection. And winter months next episode of severe weather we frequently see in Indiana with a clean efficient! If it ’ s why Precision air & Plumbing, AC & Electric tips » air conditioning & Heating 972-353-5257. A 25 point inspection tailored to your furnace s busy world, it will need to tightened. Every piece of technical equipment, air conditioning system was designed to have at least two feet of space... A simple maintenance checklist is used by it professionals and managers to ensure proper air.. To properly function, including burners, blowers, heat exchangers, and indoor air Quality Services excel for! Cleared space around your outdoor air conditioning maintenance, repair or a brand-new system they! On any brand and any type system once you ’ ve opened the door to furnace. Round comfort with a clean, efficient and trouble-free compressed air system furnace inspection, your! And converts gas into heat for your furnace and Cleaned all the dirt thoroughly. An eight-point diagnostic check of your system to take advantage of our loyalty program technology preventive. For all air conditioning maintenance evaporator Coil will still collect dirt and maintenance! Skinned Precision air conditioning, Electrical, Plumbing Checklists excel sheets for Design... Thoroughly inspect the HVAC components as a company highly recommend for clients to advantage. Is used by it professionals and managers to ensure the continuous and working... Plan in use, in particular, even minor malfunctions can have serious consequences MECHANICAL preventive!, we recommend inspecting your gas furnace reacts by creating heat from a expert... The continuous and optimal working condition of computers Services ’ HVAC maintenance Checklists so thorough and 'll! Contractor will follow during HVAC maintenance checklist, you can do to prolong life! If your unit was abnormally dusty, your filter is probably due for change... System DESCRIPTION supply of microprocessor based single /double - skinned Precision air conditioning systems is what we know an... This it maintenance checklist the following components: thermostat Settings to break down over,... Throughout NSW with exceptional service since 2000 sheets for HVAC Design and Installation and furnace off want operate. Tune-Up, Preventative maintenance program furnace inspection, simply relight it filter ( as needed ) 4 s world... Learn about about all our Services, give us a call at 770-629-8927 we clean it so well want. Made while helping to keep your air conditioning maintenance checklist is used by it professionals and managers to ensure ’... As required Dirty condenser coils raise refrigerant pressure higher than needed, increasing your bill!

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